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Customized Fee Arrangements

Hourly billing? It’s not the only solution to paying for your legal representation. Take control of your legal representation with a team that understands your unique situation: Call (203) 723-9420

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  • Payment Plans

Every case is different. Shouldn’t your fees be customized to your situation?

The solution: Customized Fee Arrangements better known as Alternative Fee Arrangements. Simply stated, an Alternative Fee Arrangement is a fee agreement between the law firm and the client that is structured in a manner other than the traditional hourly billing arrangement. We work with the client to customize a fee structure to meet their individual needs.

Alternative fee arrangements allow you to set realistic budgets to meet your legal needs. You will be certain as to how much the litigation is costing you.

In the traditional hourly billing arrangement, the client pays the attorney a fee for each hour or part of an hour spent on the client’s case. This model often leads to uncertainty and ambiguity in what the total cost to the client will be. The typical conversation regarding fees involves the potential client asking what it will cost for his/her legal matter. The attorney will usually respond that it is difficult to tell the total cost of the case because every case is different and each case takes different paths. The attorney will then quote a retainer, or a deposit, of a certain sum and will then tell the client that the attorney and staff will bill the client for the time spent on the case at a specified hourly rate. The problem with this billing model is that it does not leave the potential client with any certainty as to what the total costs will be. The attorney can give an estimate based on his/her prior experience with cases such as yours, but in the end, the attorney cannot tell you what the exact cost of the case will be.

At the Law Offices of William P. Burns, Jr., LLC we strive to take the uncertainty out of the cost of your family case. We understand that emotions and tensions are already running high if you are seeking our services. The uncertainty of the cost of litigation should not elevate your stress level.

While it is true the cost of litigation is difficult to estimate, our experienced attorneys have a firm grasp of what a typical matter should cost. Unforeseen hiccups occur; we work with our clients to take these unforeseen circumstances into consideration.

The ultimate goal in the attorney/client relationship is to have a properly compensated attorney and a client who is satisfied with their representation and receives value for their hard earned money. In order to accomplish this balance, the Law Offices of William P. Burns, Jr., LLC utilizes several different alternative fee arrangements. Everyone should have the opportunity to have quality representation at a price that fits their case, but more importantly their budget.

You have rights that are worth fighting to protect.

Call us at (203) 723-9420 to learn how we can customize a fee arrangement to suit your needs at an initial case consultation.

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